Outboard Boat Propeller Repair

Outboard Propeller Repair

Outboard Boat Propeller Maintenance

A ton of people confronted with a worry about their propeller just take their boat to a machinist or the distributor where they bought their boat and wind up spending a lot more money than they should or turn out getting the wrong pitch prop for their boat. You don’t need to if you know what to search for and where to acquire it fixed.

The hub of the prop should not slip. The end of the propeller housing and the hub should join line. A slipping hub will affect propeller rotation and reduce the speed of the boat. Repairing a hub requires special tools used by certified technicians so it is best that the boater replaces the portion of the hub.

A boater should every so often remove and inspect the boat prop. The boat prop is exposed to water and damages easily. The blades of the boat prop can get cut and nicked. The boat prop pulls in aquatic plants and fishing line which can impact the efficiency of fuel delivery to the prop. A periodic removal, maintenance of the prop are one of the most fundamental part of boat maintenance.

Outboard Propeller repair Shops

If you are not able to find a good prop shop in your area you can send your prop by mail to Bobby Soles Propeller in West Palm Beach, Fl. and they will refurbish it and send it back to you quickly. They have the most reliable propeller repair service by mail program around.

Propeller corrosion analysis

Another time to consider replacement is when the prop is significantly corroded or has to much electrolysis issue. Electrolysis damage can not be undone or repaired and eventually ruins the prop. Corrosion especially from seawater can also wreck havoc on your propeller so it weights best looked after as preventive repair and maintenance by a good cleaning after each time you take your boat out.

Most importantly before your propeller fails and even before you take your boat out on the water you should always have a spare prop on board and the required tools to put it on. With that said let’s discuss the reasons why most propellers fail.

On inboard and outboard props alike if the blades are bent or need some welding repair most of them can be reconditioned by a qualified prop shop at a cost of less than half of the price of a new propeller. Being dependent on how bent or how much welding is needed is where replacement may be a better option. Usually if more than just a third of the blade is missing you are better off just replacing it. Small cracks and welding along the edges of the blades are easily repaired. Cracks located at the root of the propeller blades suggests the propeller will need to be replaced soon.

Outboard propeller Hub Replacement

Re-hubing a propeller usually costs around $50 which is a lot lower than buying a new one and a re-hubed prop will give the same performance. There are some propellers with hubs that are easily replaced by the owner most common is the XHS interchangeable hub system however special tools involved in re-hubing a propeller with a pressed in hub is something that is best entrusted to a propeller service center, and you can have the rest of the propeller checked out while its there to be sure its in good condition.

Among the most common issue with outboard or stern drive props is that the center hub of the prop can collapse and spin out and when this happens all thrust will be lost. There are many reasons that can cause this to happen that include engine overheating, excessive load on the propeller or simply the rubber around the spline center can dry rot. If the propeller itself is in good shape other than the hub with no cracks or bent blades it is a good idea to have the hub replaced.

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